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Discovering Porto Santo

Praia do Pestana Porto Santo

Anyone familiar with the golden island understands its nickname. Breathtaking while discreet, it has avoided tourist crowds and managed to retain its natural charm.

If you’re planning a trip to Porto Santo, here are some great places to visit, dive, eat and wander.


There are nine kilometres of sandy beach with therapeutic properties, warm water and mild weather all year round, not to mention the Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive, which is a minute’s walk away. When it won the best beach in Europe award from European Best Destinations in 2022, it only confirmed what Porto Santo locals and visitors have known for a long time.

Swimming pools

The beach is great, but the pools are also top notch. For windy days, or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon dip, there are two large pools at the hotel, which are surrounded by 30,000 square metres of gardens.

Piscinas Porto Santo

Porto das Salemas

Talking of swimming pools, the island has natural ones. It’s only seven kilometres from your hotel in Porto Santo to the start of the trail. That said, the walk is rather steep. If you want to catch the pools at the right time, it’s best to go at low tide. The landscape is well worth the effort.

Flores Viewpoint

This viewpoint of all viewpoints humbly offers a vista of the entire island. Located on the south coast, it’s a meagre seven-minute drive from the hotel and, on a clear day, you can see Madeira and the Desertas islands.


Resting doesn’t necessarily mean no physical activity, especially when it comes to group sports. Apart from the gym, the Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive boasts three courts for guests to enjoy: one for padel, another for volleyball and a third that works for tennis, basketball and football. In other parts of the hotel, guests can also play table tennis, pétanque, table football, pool, draughts and chess.


This popular ice-cream parlour has been serving customers for more than six decades and remains a favourite in Porto Santo. The lambecas (soft ice-cream cones), as they’re known, are still made using the original recipe, which gives them their characteristic creaminess, with a variety of different flavour combinations to try. Thankfully, this haven of sweetness is just three kilometres from the hotel.


Exploring the island feels good but returning to the Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive feels even better. Focus all your attention on relaxing in the heated pool (25º) and enjoying the water jets, sauna and Turkish bath.


There are plenty of different options at the all-inclusive hotel, which has four themed restaurants: Med (Mediterranean cuisine), Luigi (Italian), Koi (Asian) and Madeira Lovers (traditional Madeiran cuisine). There’s also the Beach Bar, Dunas – Poll & Snack Bar and the Sunset Bar.

Praia do Pestana Porto Santo

Porto Santo

Beach, pools and relaxation.

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