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Five summer holiday ideas

Piscina do Pestana Blue Alvor Beach

Whether it’s a weekend break or a long summer vacation, certain destinations are always a good choice. Here are five top options.

Warmer days are upon us, which means it’s time to start organising long-awaited summer holidays, ticking off bucket list destinations or simply alternating between sun and shade. Whether it’s a last-minute booking, catching a flight for a change of scenery, planning a getaway for two or a family holiday, these five destinations never disappoint.


With its tropical climate, delicious comfort food and vibrant nightlife, this stunning island knows how to be a good host, as the local hotels demonstrate. This beautiful archipelago boasts a Pestana to suit every traveller, from the elegant Pestana Vila Lido to the modern and relaxed Pestana CR7 Funchal. Pestana has 15 hotels in Madeira, which can be a starting point for exploring levadas (unique irrigation channels), an Atlantic swim, savouring the scents of the laurisilva (laurel forest) or enjoying the golden sands of Porto Santo’s beaches for a day or two.

Pestana Vila Lido Madeira building

Exploring Portugal

For those contemplating a trip for two, what better than a charming hotel with countless details and romantic hideaways, such as Pestana’s Pousadas de Portugal. Located in historic buildings, such as castles, convents and palaces, or in buildings that preserve the beauty of past architecture, these hostelries can be found throughout the country, both on the mainland and islands, offering a break from routine, as well as a memorable summer, immersed in national heritage.

New York

A unique city that’s home to the world: there’s nowhere quite like New York. For some it’s a dream holiday, for others, it’s a place they often return to, knowing that it will always be different. The multicultural mix and wide range of hotels in New York may initially seem daunting but travellers can feel very much at home in the heart of Manhattan. The Pestana Park Avenue combines Portuguese hospitality with New York architecture, where guests can sleep in the clouds, enjoying panoramic windows on one of the 28 floors. For a truly unique experience in the Big Apple, the Pestana CR7 Times Square hotel is undoubtedly the most Portuguese address in NYC.

City breaks in Europe

Summer holidays in Europe offer endless possibilities for a wide range of tastes, from Berlin’s urban art to Amsterdam’s canal-filled neighbourhoods, from Madrid’s and Catalonia’s cuisine, not forgetting London’s unique buzz. All of these spots are classic holiday destinations, as well as excellent places for a weekend break. The pretext for such a trip could be a museum in Berlin, a restaurant in London or a concert in Madrid. As for the rest of your stay… the city will be more than enough for a great holiday.


“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, as the saying goes. The same could be said about the Algarve, which always surprises! Whether it’s the accessibility of the beaches, the calm and temperate seas, the finest grilled fish or amazing seafood, Portugal’s most southerly region is an icon for summer holidays. The same goes for Algarve hotels, especially Pestana’s. From Sagres to the grand hotels of Alvor, not forgetting the stunning buildings housing the Pousada Convento de Tavira or the Pousada Palácio de Estoi, the Algarve is always a good choice.

Interior da Pousada Palácio Estoi.


Aerial view of Pestana Vila Lido Madeira pool

Summer vacations

Whether it’s a weekend break or a long summer vacation, certain destinations are always a good choice.

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