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Déjá Lu. A bookshop with its heart in the right place

At Pestana Cidadela Cascais, new owners can be found for old books. Déjà Lu is a charity bookshop that has done excellent work supporting people with Trisomy 21.

Francisca Prieto and Maria Faria de Carvalho came up with the idea, so Pestana gave them a space in the Cascais Citadel. And so began one of the country’s most heart-warming charity projects. At Déjà Lu, old books find new owners, with the bonus that all profits go to institutions helping people with trisomy 21 into the workplace.

The original project stemmed from a blog and found a home in Cascais in 2015. The two partners’ latest endeavour is also resident in the Citadel and goes by the name of indie, not a bookshop, a spot that specialises in English language editions and autographed books.