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The spring streets of Amsterdam


This Dutch city is a top European destination at any time of year. That said, it certainly acquires a special charm during spring, what with the Koningsdag (King's Day) celebrations and fields of blooming tulips.

Always one of Europe’s most popular cities, Amsterdam currently receives over 20 million visitors a year, most looking to experience as much of the city as possible, from renowned museums to lovely green spaces. However, during the month of April (and other times), the place takes on a different guise. Apart from the warmer weather, which encourages residents out of their homes, there’s a national celebration on 27 April, which is Koningsdag (King’s Day).

During the celebrations, the city hosts countless parties and events open to the public. People dress up in orange (the national colour of the Netherlands) and enjoy numerous street markets, open-air concerts and boat parades through the famous canals. On the bank holiday, and the day before, there’s a full programme of things to do, not to mention a contagious atmosphere everywhere. Booking a hotel in Amsterdam for these dates should be done well in advance, as there are more visitors. The location of the Pestana Amsterdam Riverside is fantastic, right on the banks of the River Amstel.

At the same time, but over a longer period (usually March, April and May), one of the major attractions is a visit to the tulip fields. Mostly located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, south of the city centre, the landscape is well known for its different tulips and other bulbous flowers. One of the top sites for this type of thing is Keukenhof Park, which is in the town of Lisse, about 40 minutes by car from the capital. One of the world’s largest flower gardens, it opens to the public from March to May.

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside

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