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A growing network

From 2009 onwards, the Pousadas de Portugal profile began to change: more rooms, a more contemporary feel, and located in regions new to the network. Viseu and Estoi are just a couple of shining examples.

One of the essential features of the Pousadas de Portugal network was its small size, due to the attention that its mentor, António Ferro, wanted to guarantee to all its guests. “When a customer is known by their room number and not their name, that’s not the pousada spirit.”

When the Pestana Hotel Group took control of the network in 2003, there were hotels with fewer than ten rooms. To make the business viable and able to expand, the paradigm needed to change. This involved investing in buildings with greater capacity and favouring regions with no comparable product. All the while, never compromising on service quality.

Two examples of this new approach are the pousadas of Estoi and Viseu. Both inaugurated in 2009 and designed by the same architect, Gonçalo Byrne, they are proof that it’s possible to keep the beauty of historic buildings (Estoi Palace and the old São Teotónio Hospital) and combine them with contemporary features. Also, capacity is now 63 and 84 rooms, respectively. 

Extra info: Viseu is particularly curious, having become a rather unique Eno-Pousada. It enjoys a close relationship with wine, as illustrated by the 11 grape varieties planted in the main entrance garden and the wine tourism activities on offer to guests and visitors alike.